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Courses are not Learned

Course Classroom Code Complete
Data Analyst
Data Analysis and Visualization classroom ud404 0
Deploying a Hadoop Cluster classroom ud1000 0
A/B Testing classroom ud257 0
Data Visualization and D3.js classroom ud507 0
Data Analysis with R classroom ud651 0
Data Wrangling with MongoDB classroom ud032 0
Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm classroom ud381 0
Database Systems Concepts & Design classroom ud150 0
Business Analyst
A/B Testing for Business Analysts classroom ud979 0
Time Series Forecasting classroom ud980 0
Segmentation and Clustering classroom ud981 0
Classification Models classroom ud978 0
Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics classroom ud976 0
Creating an Analytical Dataset classroom ud977 0
Digital Marketing
Intro to Data Science classroom ud359 0
How to Build a Startup classroom ep245 0
Health Informatics in the Cloud classroom ud809 0
Computability, Complexity & Algorithms classroom ud061 0
High Performance Computing classroom ud281 0
Machine Learning
Model Building and Validation classroom ud919 0
Deploying a Hadoop Cluster classroom ud1000 0
Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce classroom ud617 0
Intro to Artificial Intelligence classroom cs271 0
Big Data Analytics in Healthcare classroom ud758 0
Human-Computer Interaction classroom ud400 0
Self Driving Car
Artificial Intelligence for Robotics classroom cs373 0
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems classroom ud409 0
Artificial Intelligence classroom ud954 0
Computer Science
Computer Networking classroom ud436 0
Intro to Algorithms classroom cs215 0
Technical Interview classroom ud513 0
Intro to Information Security classroom ud459 0
Compilers: Theory and Practice classroom ud168 0
Design of Computer Programs classroom cs212 0
Git and GitHub
Version Control with Git classroom ud123 0
GitHub & Collaboration classroom ud456 0
Client-Server Communication classroom ud897 0
Front End Nano Degree
Localization Essentials classroom ud610 0
Full Stack
Developing Scalable Apps in Python classroom ud858 0
Linux Command Line Basics classroom ud595 0
Configuring Linux Web Servers classroom ud299 0
Dynamic Web Applications with Sinatra classroom ud268 0
Intro to Relational Databases classroom ud197 0
Shell Workshop classroom ud206 0
Network Security classroom ud199 0
Deploying Applications with Heroku classroom ud272 0
Java Programming Basics classroom cs046 0
classroom ud 0
classroom ud 0
classroom ud 0

Have learned

Course Classroom Code Complete(.0-1.)
Intro to Statistics classroom st101 1
Statistics st095 st095 1
Intro to Descriptive Statistics classroom ud827 1
Intro to Inferential Statistics classroom ud201 0.9
Data Analyst
Intro to Data Analysis classroom ud170 1
Data Visualization in Tableau classroom ud1006 1
Machine Learning
Intro to Machine Learning classroom ud120 1
Machine Learning classroom ud262 1
Reinforcement Learning classroom ud600 1
Deep Learning classroom ud730 1
Front End
Writing READMEs classroom ud777 1
Full Stack
Web Development classroom ud253 0.5
Programming Foundations with Python classroom ud036 1
Programming Languages classroom cs262 1
Networking for Web Developers classroom ud256 1
Git and GitHub
How to Use Git and GitHub classroom ud775 1
Introduction to Python classroom ud1110 0
Intro to Computer Science classroom cs101 1

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